Active ingredients of the HIRASKIN™ Second Skin Collagen Mask

HIRASKIN™ products have been subjected to rigorous clinical studies and have been scientifically proven to work and establish global skin care standards by smoothing fine lines, eliminating wrinkles and
promoting an even and lasting complexion.

Here are their main components and respective roles in maintaining skin health and promoting beauty:

Insoluble collagen fibers act like a second skin and reduce trans-epidermal water loss to hydrate the outermost layer of the epidermis, soothe irritation, provide long-lasting hydration and improve skin smoothness. The collagen fibers remain on the surface of the skin to form a barrier and to ensure the gradual release of hyaluronic acid and the moisture provided by the serum. This provides intense hydration and immediately soothes skin irritations.

Soluble collagen molecules increase the skin’s ability to bind moisture, boost hydration and smooth wrinkles and fine lines and help the skin’s complexion achieve a healthy and youthful uniform appearance. The collagen molecules remain on the surface of the skin and infuse the surface with moisture. These molecules absorb and bind moisture. This allows the pores to open to allow collagen peptides to penetrate under the skin.

Soluble collagen peptides, more than 96 % identical to skin, act as a signal to trigger collagen synthesis while promoting skin regeneration, remodeling and repairing tissue restoration. The collagen peptides in our HIRASKIN™ Second Skin Collagen Mask penetrate under the skin and stimulate collagen reproduction with its unique technology.

  • Liftonin®-Xpress smooths out wrinkles and helps plump the skin and is known as the “instant wrinkle minimizer.“ HIRASKIN™ patients will experience an immediate reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and skin tightening effect. 

  • Hyaluronic acid, with its high molecular weight, is present in our Ph Perfection Serum, and acts on the surface of the epidermis to dramatically increase the skin’s moisture binding capacity as well as add visible plumpness and elasticity. 
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