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The skin is our largest organ. It has to withstand many environmental stresses and therefore plays an important role in human health. It is important that the acid mantle of the skin is healthy, as it protects the skin against harmful microorganisms and pollutants and thus prevents infections.
Healthy human skin is naturally somewhat acidic. Many factors influence and can cause imbalance in the pH value such as age, hormonal fluctuations, skin diseases, dry air, solar radiation, intense heat and excessively alkaline cosmetics. Imbalance in pH can cause inflammation, making us more susceptible to infections and the overgrowth of bacteria, which can in turn cause skin conditions such as rosacea, acne and eczema.
It is important to use cosmetic products with an acidic pH to stabilize the physiological environment of the skin. Thanks to the PH Perfection Serum Activator, the HIRASKIN™ Second Skin Collagen Mask with a pH value between 4.2 and 4.5, is scientifically proven to also provide superior preparation of the skin over other collagen products on the market. The result is that HIRASKIN™ patients receive the maximum benefit of the active ingredients of other cosmetic products and treatments after using HIRASKIN™ masks.

Scientifically proven effectiveness of The HIRASKIN™ Second Skin Collagen Mask

HIRASKIN™ technology offers women and men products with optimal skin compatibility.  HIRASKIN™ Second Skin Collagen Mask ingredients have a structure identical to the human dermis whose components are perfectly assimilated by the skin.

Thanks to our unique ultrastructure three-dimensional collagen matrix and its powerful PH Perfection Serum highly concentrated with hyaluronic and lactic acids, our masks have been proven to serve as a delivery for the components of collagen peptides into your skin.

Lasting skin smoothing effect superior tothe competition

Our lab’s studies have proven that HIRASKIN™ Collagen Masks are far more effective in repairing the skin than biocellulose masks.Biocellulose masks are composed of polysaccharides from plants (sugar) and not protein.  Thus, their structure differs completely from the human dermal collagenstructure and cannot transfer collagen into the skin`s epidermal layer.  In contrast, HIRASKIN™ technology provides the ideal transport into the epidermis for collagen, which explains the superior results.  The collagen peptides of the HIRASKIN™ mask are more than 96% identical to those of the human dermis.  They, therefore, act like a second skin and enable the reproduction of collagen peptides, thus promoting the regeneration and repair of the skin.

A cosmeceutical brand in anti-aging care

HIRASKIN™ is a high-end cosmeceutical brand in anti-aging skin and body treatments and care.  We have specially designed our products to provide an innovative solution to stimulate the regeneration of the skin, which increases skin elasticity and suppleness. 

Products adapted to Medspa care protocols

HIRASKIN™ products are used by medical and beauty professionals to complement anti-aging skin treatments. They prepare the skin for the reception of treatments carried out in medical aesthetic offices and relieve the skin from the use of different devices during and after treatment such as micro-needling, radio frequency, CO2, laser, etc. HIRASKIN™ masks work on the skin before, during, and after these types of treatments.

The best of professional beauty

HIRASKIN™ products are highly recommended before, during and after a microneedling treatment, a hydrafacial treatment, and other therapy treatments including red-light, intense pulsed light, radiofrequency, CO2, etc.
The HIRASKIN™ Second Skin Collagen Mask, through the PH Perfection Serum whose pH between 3.0 and 3.5, is scientifically proven to prepare the skin to receive the active ingredients of cosmetic products and treatments.
Our innovative masks reduce side effects of other spa treatments and causes of skin irritation and repairs damage by immediately calming the skin, reducing redness and promoting healing. Our masks are also compatible with all skin phototypes.
HIRASKIN™ can be also used at home as a night repair mask or as a hydrating face mask to achieve a luminous complexion and youthful skin.
Our game changing professional collagen masks offer exceptional results due to the acceleration of their diffusion of their active ingredients

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