HIRASKIN™ revolutionary collagen skin & body

Rich in collagen peptides.
Provides optimal peptide collagen production to regenerate and repair

Science Meets Skin

Anti-aging masks adapted for medical and aesthetic clinics & spas.
Contains hyaluronic acid, LiftoninR-Xpress, allantoin and lactic acid.

Welcome to HIRASKIN™, the future of anti-aging treatments for skin and body.

A true feat of science, HIRASKIN™ employs biomimetics inspired by nature.  Our clinically tested products are the fruit of bio- cellular research to combat the signs of aging and hospital burn units have demonstrated their effectiveness in healing skin.

A high-end cosmeceutical brand in anti-aging skin treatments and care, we have specially designed our products to provide an innovative solution to stimulate the regeneration of the skin, which increases elasticity, plumpness and suppleness.

Our masks contain 92% pure collagen, hyaluronic acid and Liftonin®-Xpress and together they reproduce collagen peptides that dramatically rejuvenate the skin.

When science takes care of your skin

The skin produces 1. 5% less collagen each year. Visible changes appear in adults in their 30s and 40s, as wrinkles and fine lines begin to develop. Because of this, we designed our unique face and eye masks to reproduce and boost the production of collagen peptides to reduce the effects of aging with the very first treatment.

HIRASKIN™ masks work instantly to stimulate natural collagen production, particularly indicated for the deep restoration of the skin.  Our activator, the PH Perfection Serum, is composed of hyaluronic acid, Liftonin®-Xpress and allantoin, which is a formidable anti-inflammatory.  This cosmeceutical industry unique serum facilitates superior penetration of the collagen peptides into the epidermis: Our masks offer patients immediate repair and perfect hydration of skin.

Skin health depends on collagen and adding HIRASKIN™ products into a skin care routine is the ultimate skin care treatment. 

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