A statement by our founder

The history of the HIRASKIN™ brand began in Monaco where I
worked for several years in the ultra-high net worth banking sector surrounded by clients focused on personal aesthetics.  As a result, I saw Monaco as the ideal place to create and launch my own brand after experiencing the full range of luxury and personal beauty that Monaco is known for around the world.  In that context, I became passionate about the world of beauty products and aesthetics treatments and some missing pieces requiring innovative, safe and healthful solutions.

With the help of my laboratory, which specializes in the manufacture of advanced tissue regeneration technology, HIRASKIN™ products were born.  Our products are the result of extensive research to prevent and fight against skin aging and are intended for use in medical and aesthetic clinics and at home.

I hope you and your customers love and enjoy them!

Joan Abessera

A statement by Dr Michèle Pelletier

My practice of dermatology
has been greatly enhanced by HIRASKIN™ and its game changing professional collagen masks, which offer exceptional results due to the acceleration of their diffusion of the active ingredients.  The HIRASKIN™ mask is a dynamic biomimetic device.  It perfectly illustrates the cosmetic tool of the future.  A "simple" application for 20 minutes can quickly reabsorb hematomas, smooth finely wrinkled skin, plump up, or refresh a dull complexion.

 A frame of insoluble collagen offered by the HIRASKIN™ masks allow chronological delivery of highly hydrophilic soluble collagen components.  The skin is continuously hydrated and infused and the “perfect“ serum optimizes an acidic skin physiological pH for true collagen regeneration. Through this "living" mesh, molecules of collagen peptides induce major dermal signaling, which boosts our fibroblasts. It also ensures a delayed effect.

 HIRASKIN™ is like a second
face!  It soothes the irritating skin effects of thermal/ablative lasers, while activating repair.  It also provides a synergy of procedures in photo biomodulation (rejuvenation, healing) because it reinforces signaling.  Thus the HIRASKIN™ Second Skin Collagen Mask technology distances itself by "light years" from the static applications of other masks of the 20th century (bio cellulose, hyaluronic acid, etc.). 

  *Thermal ablative lasers in high energy thermal effect

 *Photobiomodulation (low energy light, non-thermal for information purposes)

 ©Dr Michèle Pelletier Aouizerate (European Led Academy President); Member - French Society of Dermatology and World Association Laser Therapy

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